Easton Street Parties and Loaning Kit

Easton Street Parties and Loaning Kit

Easton Street Parties and Loaning Kit

Easton is amazingly the leading Street Party Community in the country!
We are a neighbourly lot – see what they said in this video.

Residents hold 10 – 15 of these private neighbours’ events each year and over 40 streets have held one at some time in the last 10 years – see map below.

Easton Community Centre loans out ‘road closed’ signs and bunting to help local residents.
We ask for a £10 donation from each event to help pay to replace kit over time, plus a deposit of £20.

Bristol is the Street Party Capital of the UK too – see other community centres that lend out signs and bunting.

You need the road signs to close your road – you must apply to Bristol City Council at least 6 weeks in advance – apply here. They will ask the applicant sign an indemnity form – this is normal.

Playing Out – Some streets instead or as well arrange Playing Out road closures so children can play in their street regularly. These streets in Easton may be able to lend you road signs as well – check which streets here.

Hold a Street Meet if you can’t or don’t want to close your road.

The Street Party Site explains why don’t need insurance or a risk assessment and has everything you want to know about organising a street party and much more. Larger publicised community events need more arrangements.

To book your kit contact Easton Community Centre.



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    • I haven’t got any confirmed dates from the centre on street parties, we have a few local people who have booked our street party kits so far for this year though!

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